2017 COMPETITION TEAM Roswick Ameera
Shardell Arrogon
Roswick BT Empress
TP Armani
Arabec Czar
Roswick Beccie
Silvermere Dakota
FAVORITE MAXISOY+ MIX Maxisoy+, oats, mixed chaff, salts, vitamins & minerals.
Emma from Roswick Endurance and Performance horses has been involved with horses for her entire life. She took up endurance in 2003 and in 2014 also entered the world of Arabian flat racing. Roswick bred horses are competing successfully in Australia as well as internationally.
2019 ENDURANCE TEAM Warawee Naaziq
Roswick Dilhurst
Mizzi Cougar
Springridge Rosevelt
Sbara Oscar
FAVORITE MAXISOY+ MIX Maxisoy+, oats, barley, lympia pellets, oaten & lucerne chaff, salts & minerals.
Springridge racing and endurance is a family affair with Kim and her kids Alison and Daniel being avid endurance competitors. Multiple wins, placings, best conditioned awards as well as annual points and distance awards are just the beginning of the successes acheived by this team of riders and horses.
2017 ENDURANCE TEAM Matta Mia Dayimi
Henley Farm Bard
Henley Farm Rasikh
Matta Mia Dimari
Matta Mia Akbar
Matta Mia Ahmahn
Matta Mia Kassanova
FAVORITE MAXISOY+ MIX Maxisoy, Chaff, Lupins, Vitamins, Minerals, Oil and Molasses
Widgerry Endurance Arabians Widgerry is a small, Queensland based family team that live, eat, sleep and work around their beloved purebred Arabians. Campaigning horses exclusively from the Matta Mia stud, their successes in the Queensland Endurance calendar have been outstanding.
2017 DRESSAGE TEAM Kaaru Flash Duke (Duke)
Hollingrove Rosewood (Acorn)
FAVORITE MAXISOY+ MIX Maxisoy+, oats, economix, lucerne chaff, vitamins & minerals.
Duke is a 17.2hh strawberry roan clydesdale who competes very successfully in EA advanced level and soon to commence FEI. Julie and Duke have enjoyed many wins with Duke being a real crowd pleaser! The goal is to see Duke competing at Grand Prix level making him the first clydesdale to do so.
Acorn is a 5yr old 17.3hh Oldenburg Warmblood who in her short career has already had so many successes. She is currently competing at novice level with the goal to have her compete at both state and national events.
2017 PERFORMANCE TEAM Hawthorne Annie
Walk The Line
Lasting Impressions
FAVORITE MAXISOY+ MIX Maxisoy+, fibre protect, dunstans low GI or extruded rice, boiled barley in winter plus joint formula and vitamin/mineral supplement.
Anna Gale (nee Monopoli) has ridden since a very young age.  Starting out in a non horsey family she began her days working her way through the NZ Pony Club system first representing Marl/Nelson/West Coast as a 11 yo in Dressage and also in eventing.  Anna rode various horses to regional, inter island and national competitions having considerable success and major wins and placings in all disciplines.
FAVORITE MAXISOY+ MIX Maxisoy+, chaff and lucerne.
"Maxisoy+ Low GI Super Fibre Pellets is my horses favourite feed. They are in outstanding condition. Not only are their coats and hooves in good condition, but they are also cool calm and collected. My horses are not fed with any other pellets. I feed the Maxisoy+ Low GI Super Fibre Pellets with chaff, lucerne and thats it! I am so happy my horses are being fed Maxisoy+ Low Gi Super Fibre Pellets and I believe everyone should feed it!"
2017 SHOW TEAM Carjola Park Rock the Party
Forgotten Valley Finn
Carjola Park Dressed in Red
Grand - Finale
FAVORITE MAXISOY+ MIX Maxisoy+, oats, ricebran, chaffs and vitamin/mineral supplement.
Sal Scott has worked in various areas of the horse industry over the past 20 years but has always had a passion for stud work. Her dream of starting up her own stud has become a reality with the purchase of two beautiful partbred Arab stallions, Carjola Park Rock the Party & Carjola Park Heartbreaker. Sals focus is to breed quality dilute performance & show horses, displaying correct colour and conformation.
2017 SHOW TEAM Diamond Park River
Diamond Park Atomic Soky
Diamond Park Royal Promise
Diamond Park Secret Seduction
Diamond Park Khaleesi
FAVORITE MAXISOY+ MIX Maxisoy+, copra meal, lucerne and wheaten chaff, linseed oil.
"In 2010 I rescued a very poor 17 hand standardbred, who through the sadness in his eyes and the skeleton like body I could see something special.That hunch and gutfeeling was right, and he turned into my first Diamond of our showteam (Diamond River). We have smashed his breed classes with many broad sashes and supreme titles. Our standardbred showteam has now grown to 5 and we will continue to get these horses out there into the open rings to prove how versatile these horses can be". Amanda Triandopoulos
2016 BARREL TEAM Elvis
Sue and Sheree are not only avid competitors they are also the founders and directors of Speed2Succeed Barrel Racing Productions which host the Makin' It Mega Barrel race series in QLD each year. Excelling in everything they do is the ladies motto! Keeping their horses in peak condition is of utmost priority and why Maxisoy+ is their choice of feed.
2017 BARREL TEAM Delrio Traditional Duke (aka Jerry)
Freight Train Lane (aka Lane)
Captain Cool
FAVORITE MAXISOY+ MIX Maxisoy+ as a wet mash mixed with equijewel and white and green chaff.
Maree is a high profile barrel racer on the ABCRA and APRA rodeo circuits. Currently travelling hundreds of km's per month to finish in the top 15 barrel races in the country to secure a place in the National Finals. With the many km's travelled and incentive high speed competition, I require Jerry in top condition wih energy to go the distance. Maxisoy+ gives Jerry the condition and cool energy to perform at peak every run.
2017 ENDURANCE TEAM Glenmore Tornato
Glenmore A'Complish
Glenmore A'Stonish
Glenmore Stylish
Glenmore Vixen
Glenmore Titan
Glenmore Tango
TS Cervantes
FAVORITE MAXISOY+ MIX Maxisoy, Hygain Tru-gain, Hygain Release, Fiber Mix, Minerals, Dynavyte, Syncroflex joint and GI, Electrolytes
Smith Endurance Team is a family affair with all members of the family riding at 3* level: Andrea, Murray, Georgie (20) and Brigitte (17). We have many NZ National Championship titles and have all represented NZ at overseas events including the 2008 WEC Malaysia, 2011 Junior WEC Abu Dhabi and 2014 WEG France. We also have horses bred and trained by us competing successfully internationally.
2017 ENDURANCE TEAM Turingal Park Vassilli
Eminem Vyper
Fruche (Warmblood)
FAVORITE MAXISOY+ MIX (work day mix) Maxisoy, steam rolled barley, linseeds, vitamins and minerals, salt, lucerne chaff, cracked lupins
Vanessa from Resonance Endurance has been enjoying endurance for the last 6 years, and horses since she knew what one was. The Resonance team have performed well with wins, placings, best conditioned awards and enjoy training on the stunning NSW South Coast.
2017 COMPETITION TEAM Star Strider (Frodo)
FAVORITE MAXISOY+ MIX Maxisoy , chaff , selection of minerals electrolytes and salt
Estella Turnbull is 9 years old and lives in Hokitika on the west coast of the South Island and is a member of the Greymouth Pony Club. Her second pony is a wonderful school master called Star Strider (Frodo). Estella has gone from "first ridden" to competently jumping 85 cm rounds in a short time with him and is establishing her skill on the flat. This season the duo will be competing in A and P shows, mini shows, and ODE'S. Estella has a determined attitude and always try's her hardest and always has the pony's well being and happiness at heart.